Guozi Intelligent Home Accessories Handling Project Implemented in Canada

Home Accessories Industry
Home Accessories Industry

Products used: Ants-10 Lifting Robot; Picking Plus Multi-layer Bin Picking Robot

Project Location: Canada

Customer Situation + Solution

    The warehouse of this project covers an area of over 10,000 square meters, managing thousands of home accessories in the warehouse area, providing home product distribution services to millions of customers in North America. The Guozi Home Intelligent Handling Solution utilizes two kinds of robots, including the Ants-10 lifting robot and Picking Plus multi-layer bin picking robot, to complete SKU picking and handling in the same working area.

Project Benefits

Successfully upgraded the customer's warehousing system

Connected the customer's warehouse management system and security system

Improved warehouse logistics transportation and picking efficiency by more than 40%

Effectively increased the warehouse capacity by over 50%.