Guozi Helps a Large Home Furnishing E-commerce Platform in North America Transform into Intelligent Operations

E-commerce Home Furnishing
E-commerce Home Furnishing

Product Used: ANTs Robots

Project Location: North America

Customer Situation + Solution

The customer is one of the largest home furnishing e-commerce platforms in North America. The project's return warehouse covers an area of 360,000 square feet and is mainly used for storing and circulating home furnishing products returned to the warehouse. Guozi's intelligent warehousing and logistics solution starts from the return and sorting process, using multiple  ANTs robots for picking and buffering.

Project Benefits

Improved the speed of return logistics, the quality of return services, and the overall operational efficiency of the warehouse.

Greatly reducethe duration of ineffective walking by personnel, effectively ensuring the safety of warehouse personnel during operations.

Increased the efficiency of return warehouse picking by 80%, and improved picking accuracy to 98%.

Effectively alleviated the pressure during peak periods of the platform's return business.