GZ food and beverage industry intelligent logistics solutions

Food and beverage
Plan highlights

The introduction of intelligent storage management system, elevator system and warehouse system, realize the digital and visual management of storage information, warehouse data can be quickly exported, convenient business inventory and statistics.

The robot automatically moves the equipment to the designated storage location, replacing the manual forklift operator for material handling, reducing the site safety risks, making the working area more orderly, and increasing the logistics efficiency by 40%.

The robot replaces the artificial forklift truck for material transfer, greatly reducing the input of labor cost, saving 20% of manpower, and helping the unmanned construction of the factory.

REX system has a high degree of manual participation. In a certain period of time, the administrator can set the position interval of robot feeding and picking points at the monitoring end, making the transportation process more flexible, and can adjust the system Settings at any time according to the difference between weak orders and peak seasons, so as to improve the flexibility of operation.


According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, China's beverage sales from January to July in 2021 reached 158.7 billion yuan, up 27.9% year on year, and beverage category sales increased significantly.


In the face of the current market environment demand for food and beverage, actively deploy digital and new Internet of things technology, gradually build intelligent production plants, accelerate the industrial digitalization, intelligent transformation, undoubtedly become an important measure for each enterprise in the food and beverage industry to win the digital upgrade war.


A beer production enterprise has ranked first in The Chinese beer industry for 17 consecutive years, ranking among the top 500 brands in the world (data source: official website of the customer company), with a total area of over 3000 square meters of beer production plant, the business is all over the world, orders are rising at the same time, the pain point of the traditional production mode is beginning to show, in urgent need of intelligent transformation to empower the factory.


Beer production process is complex, the failure of a link will lead to the production of the whole line, the enterprise production has been seriously affected, flexible production level and automation level urgently need to improve.

The traditional beer production line employs a large number of workers. Currently, the labor cost is rising rapidly, and the production and manufacturing costs of enterprises are also increasing.

With the increase of market orders and the continuous improvement of production tempo, the efficiency of the original production mode can no longer meet the growing production demand.



According to the existing needs and pain points of enterprises, intelligent logistics solutions suitable for the food and beverage industry are provided. Loading and unloading points, vertical warehouse opening and empty pallet stack cache position are set in the project. After REX system issues task instructions, the robot can complete the handling requirements of picking and discharging materials, on-site empty pallet online and full material offline. The robot scheduling system, WMS system, REX system and lik system are interconnected and operate efficiently.


The intelligent logistics solution for food and beverage industry not only improves the logistics efficiency of beer enterprises and reduces labor costs, but also improves the overall production efficiency of beer production line by 30% and reduces the order delivery time by 50% year-on-year, helping the digital upgrade of intelligent manufacturing in beer industry.

The SLIM stacker robot used in this case was independently developed by us and made its global debut at THE Chicago International Logistics Show (PROMAT) in April 2019. Its minimum passage requirement is only 2m, and it can move flexibly in the tight space scene of beer and beverage production plant, with lifting height up to 1.6m, effectively improving the volume of vertical storage. Increasing the number of trays, so far nearly 100 project cases have been applied at home and abroad.


The other two members of SLIM family are also widely used in various scenarios of intelligent logistics. SLIM moving robot can "field" or "stream", hold all the accessories, and has stronger flexible configuration. SLIM handling robot has higher load, longer endurance, more safety, the dead weight is only 380Kg, and the width of the working channel is reduced to 1.6m, the maximum load reaches 2T.

GZ food and beverage industry intelligent logistics solutions can be widely used in all kinds of food and beverage manufacturing, storage scenarios, reduce personnel efficiency, reduce consumption, greatly improve the level of digital management, help enterprises develop quickly.