Power grid logistics solutions

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Power grid logistics solutions

Network logistics is faced with increasingly complex business scenarios in traditional storage mode; Insufficient personnel allocation, comprehensive human cost increase; Low level of information, unable to cope with the rapid change of demand; Low efficiency of stocktaking and complicated operation process in and out of storage are pain points, which are in urgent need of intelligent upgrading.

Smart grid logistics warehousing solutions to "case to the people, the arrival of the goods, order to the people" three core idea, is a blend of mobile robots (AGV), shuttle bus, conveyor, hoist, transfer machine, disc machine, automatic palletizing robot, used for video surveillance, RFID, PDA, electronic hardware, such as picking labels P2L,, Completely subvert the traditional logistics inbound and outbound mode, efficiently complete the warehouse storage business requirements including material procurement inbound and outbound, material inventory and so on.

Narrow tunnel application scenario

1、Use the product

SLIM series products: narrow tunnel handling robot, stacking robot, moving robot

2、Product features

Accurate positioning and navigation: using laser navigation technology to achieve accurate positioning;

flexible motion control:steering wheel drive, support forward, backward, rotating, arc motion;Slim series is suitable for handling of various pallets such as Tian word pallet and Chuan word pallet;Narrow roadway distance, large cargo handling: support 2m narrow channel handling, 1400KG cargo lifting, handling, rotating lower;

multiple safety protection:Front and rear safety laser protection, support front remote detection, front close detection, 360° detection, front/rear emergency stop button and other multi-level safety protection, to achieve safe and reliable motion control;

Intelligent power management:Support multi-level power threshold control, self-charge when low power, self-return to work after charging;

Equipment status indicator:Through the three-color indicator light, indicating the electric quantity, equipment status, etc.

Wireless network communication: support 5G/WIFI network communication and seamless roaming, network coverage area barrier-free operation.

Stereoscopic warehouse

1、Three dimensional warehouse type

Pallet warehouse, revolving box warehouse, elevated warehouse, light revolving box warehouse

2、Roadway stacker - type solid warehouse mode

It is mainly composed of multi-layer shelves, roadways stacker, in-and-out storage conveying equipment, automatic control and management system.

3、Use the product

SLIM series robot, fork series robot, Picking series robot, Ants series robot and so on.