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Intelligent Power Warehousing Logistics

Power grid, as the vital industry of the national economy, always walks in the forefront of the intelligent technology and application. With the rapid development of the society in China and higher requirements on intelligent power grid, efficient operation of power material warehouse contributes to build the smart grid. It achieves the goals of making the power grid reliable, safe, economic,efficient and environmental. 


A power supply bureau, as a forerunner of the development of the smart grid, won the national top 10 reliable power supply enterprises for nine years in a row and was the first to build integrated smart grid operating system and intelligent substation. The stress of management increases with the rise of the demand for electricity and electric power supplies and rapid growth of category. For hastening the comprehensive development of intelligent power grid, intelligent power storage and information management, the problem of power material warehouse is still to be solved.

●The power material warehouse is multi-storey warehouse and mainly depends on manpower management and operation with high labor costs and large intensity of labour. Work efficiency and warehouse efficiency are to be improved.

●In order to ensure the normal operation of the warehouse during the business peak period, temporary manpower operation will be increased. If the traditional management mode is continuously used, the risk and difficulty of control will be further increased.

●The storage of material is not the same. The placing are is not fixed. The uncertainty of picking and out-put and in-put of warehouse increases.

●The information synchronization and coordination ability of overall material management needs to be strengthened. Picking and deploying are difficult. 


Combined with the operation and maintenance requirements of power warehouse, Guozi provides an overall solution to intelligent warehousing logistics of power warehouse for customers.It integrates a variety of AGV models including ANTS, Fork-type stacking robots, Ordering and Picking. Combined with mechanical arm picking system and WMS system, it has creatively achieved the synergy of AGV and elevator system, making AGV break through the limit of floors. It realizes automatic transportation of materials across floors and effectively improves working efficiency,which conforms to intelligent power storage warehouse of the requirements of grid industries.


●Crossing floors and breaking through the limit of space

Through the internal network coverage and elevator data docking, the AGV can enter and exit the elevator independently and realize the operation across floors,breaking through the space restrictions.

●Sorting materials and response with single mechanical arm

Through the statistics of materials to determine the location and height of the material and achieve sorting works with single manipulator. At present, the single manipulator only can fulfill the task which was finished by multiple manipulators before.

●Multiple vehicles work together with safety, fluency and accuracy.

Through the systematic traffic control, we realize the interactive operation between fork-type stacking robots and ANTS. The process of work is unmanned and the overall process is safer, smoother and more accurate.


Based on “five” construction, namely “standardization, automation, information, intelligence, interaction”, Guozi applies Internet, mobile AGV and other new technologies to optimizing warehousing management system. The overall solution to Guozi intelligent power warehousing logistics helps the center of intelligent logistics of power industry upgrade. We continue to manufacture products with high quality and help more industries accelerate the process of intelligence and automation. We will create a more energy-efficient future with low costs and high efficiency.