Guozi “STAR” Shining in Europe, 2018CeMAT Drew to A Successful Close

     Situated on the bank of River Leine Hannover is one of the most developed cities in industrial manufacturing industry in Germany and is the Germany's automobile, machinery, electronics and other industrial centers. From April 23 to 27, 2018, the city observed the grand opening of the biennial Germany Hannover International Logistics Exhibition (CeMAT). Guozi Robots and its star product “STAR SYSTEM” together with Hangzhou Forklift Group stroke a stunning pose on the exhibition. This was the debut of “STAR SYSTEM” in Europe.

When logistics 4.0 meets industry 4.0

      Nowadays, digitization is changing the production process. Meanwhile, the value chain and supply chain of the logistics field are becoming increasingly integrated. This year’s CeMAT focused on the theme of “interconnected supply chain solution” to open a new chapter in smart logistics, sci-tech logistics, technology and equipment.As a top supplier of logistics solutions in China, Guozi Robots has demonstrated the new generation of Picking AGV on site and became the focus of the exhibition.

      The new generation of Picking AGV optimizes the hardware structure with better stability and upgraded software functions. It can handle more external environments and has lower requirements for other components. During the exhibition, guests from Germany, France, Turkey, Belarus and other countries visited Guozi booth and showed keen interest in “STAR SYSTEM”. It has laid the foundation for Guozi’s development in the European market.  


     Within a short period of mere one month, Guozi has repeatedly made its way onto the international stage in Asia, America to Europe, and demonstrated to the world the advanced robotics technology of China. We have created a global robot service network from an international perspective to allow mobile robots to go global.