“Star” Group of Guozi Smart Logistics Appeared on MODEX in USA!

    Guozi Robot, the leader of the star team of smart logistics, appeared on the grand MODEX Show held at the Georgia International Convention and Exhibition Center in Atlanta, USA on April 9-12, 2018, showcasing the advanced logistics robot technology from China!

    MODEX Show, also known as the Atlanta Logistics Show (USA), is one of the largest exhibitions of logistics manufacturing, distribution and supply chain solutions in the United States.

The brightest star on MODEX

    On MODEX Show this year, Guozi Robot exhibited a complete set of logistics solutions, including STAR SYSTEM. From warehousing of big goods to order delivery, the products involve various links of intelligent warehouse, so as to significantly enhance the logistics efficiency.

    The new generation of Picking AGV is the leading product of the exhibition. The optimized hardware structure greatly improves the product stability, and the upgraded software functions can cope with more external environments, and have lower requirements for other components. With its outstanding performance and innovative product design, it was finally nominated for the MHI Innovation Award.

Thank you our partner!

    It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the Guozi overseas team, the US Staples Company, as our strategic partner, specially assigned a team to Atlanta to support Guozi on the show, fully reflecting the customer's recognition for Guozi products.

See you next time!

    The MODEX Show has come to an end. Guozi Robot will continue to focus on the development of smart logistics solutions, and provide the most competitive products for global customers. 

    On ProMat Show held in Chicago in April, 2019, STAR SYSTEM will appear on the global stage again, so stay tuned!