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Case analysis | GZ medical industry smart storage solutions

With the development of The Times, new medical needs are constantly derived. The outbreak of COVID-19 has driven a surge in global demand for medical supplies, and the categories and total volume of medical supplies are growing rapidly. Traditional storage and transportation businesses in the pharmaceutical industry are facing unprecedented challenges.

Pain points

A medical enterprise began to expand the B2B online trading platform business of medical consumables in 2019. So far, the total area of the warehouse has exceeded 6000 square meters, and tens of thousands of medical devices are managed in the reservoir area, providing complete medical devices and medical consumables supply chain services for more than 30,000 medical institution customers nationwide. With the rapid development of the business, the pain points of the original warehouse began to show:

The shelf is designed in accordance with the height that people can touch. The shelf is placed to facilitate manual operation, resulting in the width of the aisle is too large, the overall utilization rate of the warehouse is not high, and the storage space is wasted.

The number of SKUs of medical supplies and the number of orders increase sharply. The traditional manual operation mode needs a lot of manpower, and the labor cost of enterprises increases.

The warehouse area is too large, and it takes a long time for manual picking to go out of the warehouse. The picking efficiency is low, and terminal customers cannot timely respond to orders.

There are many SKUs for medical consumables and strict batch outgoing requirements. Manual sorting leads to high error rate and product damage rate, which damages enterprise benefits.


The efficiency of intelligent solutions is significantly improved

Based on customer needs, GZ provides a complete set of intelligent storage picking solutions suitable for the medical industry, realizing the precise selection of SKU, changing the traditional manual operation mode into human-machine combination, robot intelligent work mode, greatly improving the overall work efficiency and flexible response to various warehouse conditions.

GZ comprehensively considers the problems existing in the current medical supplies warehouse, and according to the characteristics of different types of medical devices and medical consumables, in the whole warehouse planning, PICKING small pieces of goods boxes by PICKING people, PICKING large pieces of goods by PICKING people when they arrive, and PICKING single orders of large and small pieces by order relay. PICKING robot is adopted in the project to achieve accurate handling of SKU, reduce repeated handling, and with the man-machine combination PICKING method, reduce the complexity of manual operation and help the transformation and upgrading of traditional medical warehousing.


 project will be implemented in stages, without affecting the normal operation of the warehouse. The first phase will meet the current business needs, and the second phase will meet the business needs of the next three years to achieve long-term economic benefits. And save millions of labor cost every year, for the enterprise to reduce the burden and increase energy.

For the goods with a particularly large amount of outgoing storage, a separate area of ground storage is set up; Use case to the people for common types of goods, reduce the walking distance, using robot and DPS electronic tag selection system, precision of high-speed, unloading, and storage efficiency increases 60%, the outbound efficiency, 120% system picking error rate low below three over ten thousand, order accuracy 60 times of ascension.

According to the different combination methods of order, pick goods by FCL, combined order, workstation sowing, designated workstation and so on, while optimizing the order structure, realize the intelligent picking and transportation process of medical warehouse.

In addition to meeting the needs of daily work mode, when the volume of business increases, the production capacity can be rapidly increased by adding robots and workstations, so as to avoid overstocking and unable to complete normal operation, so as to flexibly respond to the needs of various scenarios.

industry value

GZ intelligent storage solutions for medical industry, make full use of the existing advantages of the warehouse, combined with the characteristics of the medical supplies warehouse, successfully solve the problems of low utilization rate of the warehouse, low picking and transportation efficiency, solidified operation process, subvert the traditional medical storage operation mode.

The solution is operated by THE Picking robot, Picking Plus, GZ multi-layer material box. Picking efficiency and Picking efficiency are more than 30% faster than manual Picking, which can be applied to Picking shelves with a height of more than 4 meters, effectively increasing the warehouse volume by more than 30-40% and 99.99% Picking accuracy, ensuring accurate storage operation. The balanced output of efficiency can improve the overall operation performance of the warehouse by more than 40%. The bicycle can operate continuously for 8 hours, realize the 24-hour uninterrupted operation of the warehouse, and improve the overall efficiency of the warehouse by more than 50%.

GZ intelligent storage solutions can not only be applied to the medical industry, can also be applied to all kinds of e-commerce storage scenarios, promote peak elimination, accurate selection, help storage incremental capacity expansion, to achieve the process of intelligence, information, automation.